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Services provider of genomics in Bordeaux, France

Discover genomics services in wet lab, near Bordeaux, France

GENXMAP is a genotyping service provider that is conveniently located near the city of Bordeaux. Bordeaux is a major city in France known for its world-renowned wine region and its vibrant cultural scene. GENXMAP's proximity to Bordeaux offers easy accessibility to its genotyping services for researchers, scientists, and institutions in the Bordeaux area and the surrounding regions. This geographical advantage facilitates efficient collaboration and access to GENXMAP's diverse genotyping methods and expertise for projects and research initiatives based in and around Bordeaux.

Let our wet lab services Genxmap to do the best for your genomics in Bordeaux

Genotyping in Bordeaux

Genotyping is the precise identification of a specific gene within the entire genome. It encompasses a wide array of methods and applications, ranging from detecting whole gene modifications to pinpointing single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Bordeaux offers various genotyping techniques through GENXMAP, a leading provider of genomic services.

Gene Modification Detection

Genetic insertions or deletions can occur naturally or be deliberately induced through genetic engineering. This allows for monitoring changes in the function of specific genes. PCR, qPCR, and sequencing techniques are employed to identify these modifications, whether they occur on specific genes or across the entire genome.

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Identification

SNPs are common substitutions of individual nucleotides in the genome. These variations can either be inconsequential or have implications for pathological conditions such as autoimmune disorders, cancer development, or the body's response to pathogens, drugs, or vaccines. Identifying SNPs is crucial for the advancement of personalized medicine and clinical research. GENXMAP provides SNP genotyping through techniques like Taqman assay, rhAmp assay, or genotyping by Sanger sequencing or next-generation sequencing, chosen based on the project's objectives.

Copy Number Variation (CNV) Analysis

Taqman assay or the SYBR Green method are used to detect variations in the number of copies of specific genes. Taqman assay offers highly precise and specific identification and quantification of thousands of potential genes across more than 30 species. On the other hand, SYBR Green is a versatile and cost-effective technique that allows for the rapid customization of primers for various applications.

Genotyping by Sequencing Service (GBS)

This involves Sanger sequencing or target-specific next-generation sequencing. The modification in the target gene is identified and analyzed by designing primers, optimizing gene identification through PCR, and sequencing the purified PCR product. This process allows for the detection of insertions/deletions, SNPs via Sanger or NGS, and CNV detection via NGS. The choice between Sanger sequencing and NGS is made based on the specific objectives of the project.

Applications of Genotyping in Bordeaux

Genotyping is used in a wide range of applications in Bordeaux, including:

Research: Genotyping is used to study the genetic basis of diseases, plant traits, and other biological phenomena.
Agriculture: Genotyping is used to develop new crop varieties with desirable traits, such as resistance to pests and diseases.
Medicine: Genotyping is used to diagnose genetic disorders, predict disease risk, and develop personalized treatments.
Forensics: Genotyping is used to identify individuals and victims of crime.
Bordeaux is a major center for genotyping research and services. GENXMAP is one of the leading providers of genotyping services in Bordeaux, offering a wide range of techniques to meet the needs of its customers.

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