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About us



Founded in 2020, GENXMAP is a leading company in France in the field of genomics and transcriptomics analysis. We offer state-of-the-art services to provide the researchers, academic institutions and companies with tools and technologies to exploit genetics and transcriptomics information for various applications.


Our Advantages:


A technical Expertise: Our PhD level team is made up of qualified and experienced scientists in the field, enabling us to offer high quality services with technical follow-up to conduct innovative research.


A diversified portfolio of services: We propose a wide range of services in the field of genomic and transcriptomic analysis. Expert in sample preparation, we offer regular, on-demand or custom services.


This includes services such as:


• Nucleic acid purification;

• Automated genotyping (PCR, qPCR, Sanger);

• Biomarker analysis;

• Analysis of genetic variations;

• Characterization of genes or transcripts;

• DNA/RNA library preparation;

• Single Cell RNA library preparation;

• Sample Quality Control (Nucleic acid QC, Library QC, PCR product QC);


and additional available services are:


• Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) on prepared DNA/RNA libraries;

• Bio-informatics analysis;

• Bio-statistical analysis;


Qualified and reliable results: The precision, quality and reliability of the obtained results are critical factors. Our primary objective is to provide precise results and respect deadlines, always with the aim of satisfying our customers.


A simplified approach: We organize projects, optimize processes, and speed up the time to obtain results. Thanks to our close collaboration with our customers and our partners throughout the projects, from cell to data, we can offer an "end-to-end solution".


State-of-the-art technologies: Recently, we have developed the preparation of scRNA libraries, using different platforms, to provide cutting-edge technology in single-cell resolution transcriptomic analysis for the public and private sections, interested in drug discovery, patient monitoring, or biomarker analysis. 


In another hand, collaboration with the partners offering next-generation sequencing technologies allows us to access state-of-the-art equipment and technological platforms to generate high resolution genomics and transcriptomics data, adapted to each project question. 


A data analysis solution: Genomics and transcriptomics analysis often generate large amounts of complex data. Our partners have solid skills in bioinformatics and data analysis to process and interpret the information generated in an efficient and relevant way.


A Network and collaborations: Our network and our collaborations with other players in the industry, such as researchers, academic institutions, industrial or commercial partners allow us to exchange knowledge, expertise, and resources.


GENXMAP remains open to new opportunities and studies any request for partnership to develop new solutions in the fundamental and clinical research.


Our team is available to discuss with you about your projects, the partnership and future collaboration in the field, to boost-up the synergy between the French and European, public, and private sections in the field of clinical or fundamental research.

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