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Gene expression assay

RNA is a key component in regulation of the cell function. Transcriptome of a cell consists of mRNA, rRNA, tRNA, ncRNA and miRNA. Purification of different types of RNA and analyzing the level of expression of genes in different circumstances (after an infection, cancer, specific treatment, etc) allow to know precisely how a cell is reacting to stimulus or their micro-environment at a specific time-point. From every type of samples, GENXMAP team purifies total RNA, mRNA or miRNA, quantifies and qualifies with last generation equipment and proceeds to gene expression assays which are optimized for any gene expression profiling workflow from classic qPCR, Taqman gene expression assays or library preparation for next generation sequencing methods.


Biomarker Analysis which are specific biological characteristics that could be discovered and analyzed in cells, blood, serum, or tissue showing a normal or pathological state in the body following pharmacological response during therapeutic intervention, pathological situation, or any changes in the homeostatic conditions. Biomarkers can be specific cells, molecules, genes, gene products, enzymes, or hormones. Biomarker identification occurs via different strategies like proteomics, metabolomics, genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics. 

We are proposing Biomarkers analysis in genomics and transcriptomics level. In genomics level, techniques like SNP, CNV, Exome or whole genome sequencing led to discover, analyze, or validate a genomic biomarker.  In transcriptomics level, gene expression level could be measured by Taqman assays, microRNA analysis, and other RT-qPCR techniques. New biomarkers discoveries and validation could be done by new cutting-edge technologies at single cell level (Single-Cell RNA sequencing) or in high resolution cellular level in tissues (Spatial transcriptomics) as well as bulk RNA sequencing techniques.

  • Genomics level 

  1. Customized Gene Panels Service for biomarker detection by PCR and qPCR-based assays (genotyping) 

  2. Whole Exome library preparation and sequencing Service

  3. Whole Genome library preparation and sequencing (WGS) Service 

  • Transcriptomics level 

  1. Transcriptome service for gene expression profiling using RT-qPCR techniques. 

  2. Whole transcriptome profiling using Total RNA library preparation and sequencing services.

  3. Single Cell RNA profiling (ScRNA-Seq technologies)

  4. Spatial transcriptomics 

  • Analysis level 

  1. Biostatistics 

  2. Bioinformatics 


Our process:

  1. Sample QC at the reception

  2. Automated Nucleic acid Purification

  3. Nucleic acid quantification and qualification

  4. SNP, CNV genotyping/ Sanger sequencing/ Gene expression assays using Taqman assays or SYBR Green/ library preparation and next generation sequencing.

  5. Data Analysis/ bioinformatics analysis/ biostatistics analysis

  6. Reporting

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