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Nucleic acid extraction and purification is a key step for downstream applications in genomic and transcriptomic analysis. Depending on the type of samples, nucleic acid purification process must be adapted to obtain highest yield in terms of quantity and quality. GENXMAP adapted, developed, and optimized procedures for extraction and purification of DNA and RNA from human and animal tissues, body fluids, cells culture, plants, microorganisms, FFPE tissues and environmental samples with the highest quality. The Quality Control of purified nucleic acid is the obligatory step before proceeding with the downstream applications.

We work with our partners (Macherey-Nagel, Qiagen, Thermofisher) in order to optimise purification yields for each sample type.

Our process:

  1. Sample QC at the reception

  2. Automated Extraction

  3. Nucleic acid quantification with nanodrop and Qubit technology

  4. Nucleic acid qualification with Qiaxcel connect, Bioanalyzer and Tapestation systems.

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